AI-powered cameras are the latest marvel in the technical field. These cameras not only deliver superior picture quality but also use AI for detection in the live feed. Artificial Intelligence allows the camera to act as a vigilant person, detecting and checking the feed for various tasks that have been assigned. This yields many benefits for the people as the applications of the AI camera are huge. These modern-day cameras can be used in almost any industry- hospitality, finance, security. These cameras increase the range of security provided by regular surveillance/CCTV cameras while costing almost similar to the latter.

AI-powered cameras have many benefits. Not only do they help in security, but can also be used for various other tasks as well. Some of which are listed below-

1)      Motion Detection- Motion Detection sensors are often used if one wishes to keep their premises off trespassers. The cost of these motion detecting sensors is high, while the installation process is lengthy. As a result, it is not always advisable to install motion-detecting sensors. However, modern-day AI cameras can help detect motion in its field of view. The live feed generated by the camera is fed to the Artificial Intelligence model, which scans the live feed for the motion of an object. The algorithm separates the objects from the background, making it easier to spot trespassers. These AI cameras provide a good alternative to the traditional motion detector sensors.

2)      Headgear Detection– Since the AI camera can easily separate various objects from the live feed constantly, it can be used for a variety of ways. One such way is to use as traffic cameras to detect the helmets of all two-wheeler riders. The camera constantly scans the live feed, tracking all those moving objects(humans) and identifying those without a headgear.

3)      Mopping Detection– AI cameras can be installed in various places as surveillance cameras. These cameras can also be installed in your home and office to make sure that your cleaning department cleans the place properly. The AI camera can detect the cleaning person, and tracking its movement throughout its field of vision, highlighting areas which the worker has missed. It can be used to detect lazy cleaning workers without actually looking at the stream.

4)      AI cameras on Smartphone- Various smartphone available in today’s market offer AI camera. Although these cameras are similar to the genuine AI Cameras that are used for surveillance, their capabilities are severely reduced due to cost factors. Nevertheless, these cameras are still the best in their category. AI-powered smartphone cameras are used in a variety of ways. Facial recognition is one such place where the smartphone uses an AI model to predict whether the face is authentic or not. The AI also helps the smartphone take better photos, allowing the camera to focus on objects, giving a crystal clear photo.

Artificial Intelligence powered cameras not only help us in solving our day to day problems but also decreases the operating cost of any company or project. These cameras are durable, and with regular updates, the AI remains strong and updated.

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