You attend every training session, play in every match and drive in every race. You eat well, drink enough water and get enough sleep. You are working on your goals and action plans, but somehow you are still not feeling like a winner. Here are four tips on how to create a winning sports mentality.

Be your best

1. When your race manager sets you a training lap of the track, think about what you can do to not only to complete this but also add in other skills to make the lap more realistic. Going the extra mile shows that you are motivated to win and are not simply making up numbers.  This is the mentality of the racers at the F1 Paddock Club Singapore track which you could get tickets to if you visited sites similar to Checking out what the top athletes in the country do can be an eye-opener when it comes to seeing what it takes to be the best. Organizations such as the English Institute of Sport (EIS) showcase what they do to help Team GB at the Olympics, for example.

2. Whether you win or lose, each contest is an opportunity to improve not only your motivation levels but also your skills and mindset. After each competitive race, analyze what you did well, what you can improve on, what you contributed to the team, how well you communicated, and how you behaved as a team player. Give yourself a score out of ten and work out what actions you need to implement to boost this score.

Practice makes perfect

3. If you want to succeed in any sport, you need to spend time visualizing yourself performing the specific skills you need in the right way. While it would be great if you could train with a personal coach on a daily basis, real-life dictates that you will have to do some of the work by yourself. Plan time to watch these videos and then close your eyes and imagine that you are starring in a video doing exactly the same drills and demonstrating them perfectly. When you are on the pitch, remember what you were doing in your own ‘movie’ and practice these skills.

4. Find out what the best players in your sport do, then copy them! If they have a signature move, try it out for yourself and see whether it fits your style of play.

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