When it comes to maintaining your property, it’s easy to overlook things like windows.

A report in Double Glazing Prices suggests that good quality, double glazed windows can add significant value to your home. With 79% of homes now having double glazing, yours could be at a distinct disadvantage if it doesn’t. However, even the best double glazing won’t last forever and knowing when to replace your windows is important. But what other benefits could you reap from promptly replacing old, worn or defunct double glazing?

Energy efficiency

Old windows can eventually wear and gaps may form between the panes. This makes for a draught, particularly in the colder months. Upgrading to well insulated windows means that you won’t have to crank up the central heating in order to keep warm, so you’ll reduce your energy costs.

UV rays

Similarly, the sun’s natural light can penetrate through old or single glazed windows and over time, this may fade certain items of your interiors. Avoid this by investing in Gloucester Double Glazing windows. They can offer a range of double and triple glazed windows designed suit your needs. If you do go ahead with this and you are really happy with the product you can even recommend a friend who might need work and start earning rewards.

Clean and safe

The technology of glass and windows is constantly evolving and now most modern windows have features that improve security and make maintenance much easier. For example, self-cleaning glass or between-the-glass blinds cut down the need for cleaning and also keep dust and allergens at bay. Modern windows are designed to be stronger and also contain polymer which prevents the glass from shattering if it is broken. Triple pane glass will also help to reduce noise from the outside – another convenient benefit for homeowners.

Kerb appeal and value

From the perspective of someone passing by, modern windows and doors will greatly improve the overall aesthetic of your home. If you’re trying to sell, then good windows, fixtures and fittings will undoubtedly increase the value of your home, and may also help to attract viewers. With so many styles, materials and colours on the market today, it is easy to find something that complements the exterior and interior design of your home. In short, it is an investment that will quite possibly pay for itself.

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