North-East part of India is a different set of states that which entertain different set of cultures and different completely different from that of the other parts of the country.They are basically known as the seven sisters of the east. They conclude of Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Nagaland, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh. There are less North east tour packages in number to this side of the country as it is connected with a small thread to the whole nation.Different packages may deal with different state out of these seven, separately. The reasons that which contribute to this would be of the richness of the culture that would take the traveler to explore as it is difficult and entirely distinct from that of the others around.

What are the specialties of North east tour packages?

The specialties of North east tour packages include,

  • Knowing the aspect of unity in diversity and thereby how we are connected irrespective of the differences.
  • Exploring the culture that is completely out of our lives.
  • Introducing to the new lifestyle and way of living.
  • To experience the food varieties.
  • To view the places and the soil.
  • To understand the perspective of the people out there.

Why would one travel to North east tour packages?

There are reasons why one would choose the North east tour packages that would be of the interest in knowing more about the states that which are always at fight with the centre. To experience the reality of those people and get the first hand information about the place, people, culture and condition.To know more about how they differ from us.

We travel to explore the erotic place to feel the closeness to the nature. Here, the North east tour packagesenable the purpose for the reason that not many people would travel to these places.Accepting the information provided by the media and a third person for granted is an irrational aspect where when we have the chance and option to check and experience at firsthand knowledge and then commenting and judging on the basis.

How many days would be required to travel to North east tour packages?

The minimum requirement of number of days issix to eight days per state in the north-east so as to get an all round circling over the place and to know the least about the place. Therefore, as the days are more in number required there are less North east tour packages that would offer a traveler about covering all the states at a time.Also, as it is a border, there are so many other issues that are dealing with security of the nation from the terrorist intrusion. Subsequently, it is also difficult to cross the border of the north-east, even from India towards the connection of the north-eastern states. All the measures are undertaken as part of the safety and security of the people living there as well as passing there. Adequately, there is no need to have any preconceived wrong notions regarding the place.

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