As the weather warms up you’d be perfectly within your meteorological rights to ban sweatshirts from your summer wardrobe. However, less speed and more haste should be the order of the day. In this article we take a look at how and why sweatshirts can be worn in the warm.

Material Thing

The first thing you need to bear in mind is to choose a sweatshirt that is made from the right material: you will swelter in the sun if you choose cashmere or wool.

Instead, go for a blend that includes linen or cotton – a Farah sweatshirt, amongst others, is super-breathable and light, which is just the tonic for a warm sunny day.

And if the temperature rises, you can keep a cool head – and body – by wearing an Alpaca – yes Alpaca – cotton sweatshirt blended with silk. It not only offers the perfect summer wear, but it is cool as a cucumber.

Get Your Timing Right

The summer months can be unbearably hot or cool in the extreme. With that in mind, take the following into account:

Go sleeveless – cool to touch and made from a light see-through fabric, these sweatshirts from – look and feel great in the summer.

An open-fronted cardigan creates circulation around your body.

Colours of the rainbow – sweatshirts in lighter, more summery colours give the illusion of light and cool, so avoid dark-coloured tops. Lighter-coloured ones also deflect the heat, whereas dark ones tend to soak it up.

Travel Smart

If you are travelling, then it is much easier – and much lighter – to pack a sweatshirt over a jacket. Easier to fold, it will suit the temperature changes in air-conditioned airports and different travel zones.

Keep Protected

Sweatshirts are soft and add protection and padding to other items in your suitcase; if you are carrying one in your hand luggage, then they can be easily accessed and also save space as they can be easily rolled up.

Day or Night, Warm or Cold

Summer sweatshirts can be utilised for both day wear and evening wear and can be layered with other items from your wardrobe to suit the rising – or falling – temperature.

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