This year can be memorable if the Ferrari can finally manage to stop the Mercedes from securing the constructor title for the fifth time consecutively. Are you keen to know whether any car can prevent Lewis Hamilton from becoming the World champion for the 6th time? Well, all your answers depend on how the races will proceed in Formula 1 this year. You are expecting an exciting style of racing this year. But how will you enjoy the races if you cannot watch the live streaming of the action-packed races? After all, every channel does not have the authorization to stream the races.

Using the VPN

If you do not belong to a county that will allow formula 1 streamingyou have to opt for a versatile VPN service. The service should provide worldwide coverage. It will serve a dual role. Firstly, it will allow you to enjoy the materials which have geographical restriction in your country. Secondly, you can hide your original identity in the web world, thus securing your web presence. There are lots of service providers who can offer good quality of VPN services at a low subscription amount. You can compare the features of the different service providers and finally select the one that suits you the best.

Get easy access

If you are on the VPN, you can be sure that you will have access to the live streaming of the Formula 1 matches. But if you try to enjoy the HD quality of the live streaming, you will have the risk of continuous stalls and freezes. The speed will not be useful if you enhance quality. but even this problem is solvable if you buy a better router. The open-source routers having better functionality will stop all issues involving the pesky streaming.

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